Princess Mononoke (PG) - Matinee

Sunday 01 October 2017
3:30pm - 6:15pm
Film Unit Cinema in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium
I chose this film because not only was it really what hooked me into Studio Ghibli, but it also poses a quite serious question on morality and leaves you to decide the answer. [Ada, House Manager] Part of the Film Unit Autumn Programme.

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Cast: Yōji Matsuda, Yuriko Ishida, Yūko Tanaka

Country: Japan Language: Japanese (English subtitles)

There was a time when Gods roamed the lands, granting blessings in exchange for worship and bestowing curses on those who defied them. There was a time when humanity was at the mercy of the nature that surrounded it and sought to make itself safe. When a war erupts from the two sides simply trying to survive, who is right and who is wrong? This film was chosen by Ada, who started volunteering with Film Unit 10 years ago, especially for Freshers' Week!