Monday 09 October 2017 | 7:30pm - 10pm

SU Environmental Film Festival 2017 - Full Festival Ticket

SU Environmental Film Festival 2017 - Full Festival Ticket

Monday 09 October 2017
7:30pm - 10pm

Full Festival Ticket for the SU Environmental Film Festival 2017.

Join us for three very special documentaries looking at the biggest issue we are facing at the moment: Climate Change. These films will highlight our impact on the environment and what we can do to change it.

See all three films for £7 or individually for £3.

Note: This is the full festival ticket. If you would like the individual screenings, please use the links below.


Monday 9 October: Chasing Ice (12a) 19:30

Director: Jeff Orlowski / Country: USA / Language: English

National Geographic photographer James Balog doesn't just want to warn us about climate change. He wants us to witness it. This is why he organised an expedition in Iceland to set up 25 cameras to film glaciers as they change and eventually melt and disappear. During their perilous journey, Balog and his team shot breathtaking pictures and time-lapses of ice that look fantastic on the big screen, but also show us the reality of climate change. Balog's intention is to make us face the truth in these times of skepticism and admire a beauty that we must preserve.



Wednesday 11 October: Merchants of Doubt (12A) 19:30

Director: Robert Kenner / Country: USA / Language: English

In the US, a small group of so-called scientists and experts, commissioned by big influencial companies and lobbies, has been manipulating public opinion for decades. Through television they deliver supposed scientific diagnoses in order to make people believe that nicotine is not addictive, that pesticides are harmless or that climate change is just a big lie. Robert Kenner decided to break down the way these people orchestrate mass propaganda, and through public opinion, government decisions. This film sheds light precisely on what the merchants of doubt do not want you to see.



Friday 13 October: Demain (TBC) 19:30

Director: Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurent / Country: France / Language: French

Most documentaries about the environment show the overwhelming amount of problems we have to solve, and scare us with the irreparable consequences that would result from not changing anything. Cyril Dion (writer, environmentalist and director) and Melanie Laurent (actress and director) have chosen to step away from this methodology which for many is more depressing than action-igniting. Instead, they decided to film already-existing efficient solutions, and to think and plan a better, more respectful, more solidary and more human future.


SU Environmental Film Festival 2017 - Full Festival Ticket