Wednesday 08 November 2017 | 7:30am - 9am

Baby Bummit to Edinburgh 2017

Baby Bummit to Edinburgh 2017

Wednesday 08 November 2017
7:30am - 9am
Meet at Sheffield Students Union Activities Zone
Baby Bummit to Edinburgh Sponsored Hitchike 2017 Sheffield RAG standing for Raising and Giving
Whether you’re a seasoned pro at hitchhiking or have never done it before, you can join over 200 other students on the world’s largest charity hitchhiking event to Edinburgh!

The essence of hitchhiking is simple, getting a lift from A to B, but it’s so much more than that! It’s an opportunity to travel and see places you’ve never been to (sometimes that you’ve never heard of). It’s meeting people; both people who give you lifts and other students who love to travel. And it’s the stories; guaranteed you’ll come back with a few!

And it’s all for a good cause For each Bummit event we raise money for 4 organisations in South Yorkshire as well as Sheffield Volunteering who help to run loads of projects in Sheffield, helping students give back to this amazing city of Sheffield!

Each participant raises £75 for these organisations through online Virgin Giving pages (we give you instructions of how to set this up), bake sales, RAG raids, selling glow sticks at SU nights out… the list goes on!

Your £28 ticket includes:
- Accommodation in a hostel in Edinburgh
- Entrance to a club in Edinburgh
- Meal in Edinburgh
- Exclusive Bummit t-shirt
- Bummit goodie- bag
- Insurance
- Phone support
- The Bummit Bible (includes general hitching tips and an official letter from the SU)

We’ll be staying overnight in Edinburgh (hostel, dinner and club included) and at a later date will be organising return transport which is not included in the ticket price. You’re also welcome to organise your own transport back or even stay a few days in the wonderful city of Edinburgh!
Sheffield RAG stands for' Raising and Giving' - a working Committee under the banner of Sheffield Students' Union. 
Bummit are a student Committee within their own right, linked to RAG through their love of fundraising.
RAG and Bummit run events for students…and the local
community, spreading lots of charity love. We give our free time to organise
charity events in order to accumulate as much cash as possible so we can
support mainly charities in the local South Yorkshire area.



Baby Bummit to Edinburgh 2017