ANSYS Structural

Thursday 11 October 2018
6pm - 8pm,
Diamond Computer Room 4

Event Details

Some of our skill based courses are HEAR recognised. Full attendance required

Want to solve real-life, complex mechanical problems? Learn the basics of using ANSYS Mechanical to perform finite element analysis (FEA). ANSYS is a very widely used, versatile analysis software in industry, with a workbench interface that is one of the better ones out there. The skills gained are extremely beneficial especially to any engineering career. In this course, you will be first introduced to finite element methods and learn to conduct 2D FE Analyses, before delving into meshing complex geometry and 3D Structural Analysis. By the end of the course you will be knowlegable in the techniques used to improve FE models and carry out design verification as well as FSI Analysis.

This is a 5 week course, there will be a week break during the week 7 of the academic year. 

Course runs from 11th October - 15th November