The Wicker Man (15)

Wednesday 27 February 2019
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Film Unit Cinema in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium

Director: Robin Hardy Cast: Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee Country: UK Language: English The Nic Cage remake might be infamous for all the wrong reasons, but the original Wicker Man stands up as one of the greatest British horror films of all time. On the remote Scottish island of Summerisle, Detective Howie is sent from the mainland to investigate reports of a missing child. The islanders' eerie behaviour raises his suspicions, but he soon discovers something more troubling about the island - it has abandoned Christianity and returned to pagan worship. Have they sacrificed a child and covered it up? As Howie searches for clues, the truth is more horrifying than he could possibly imagine. Don't expect jump scares from this deeply unsettling, unconventional horror - but do prepare for one of the most spine-chilling final scenes in cinema history.