Friday 22 February 2019
6pm - 8pm,
High Tor 2 @ The Edge, Endcliffe

Event Details

Give it a Go Please wear sportswear and suitable shoes. Bring water

Come and try Fencing! It is suitable for anyone, whether they are an accomplished sports person or never held a sword. Try something a little unusual at university, as fencing is a way to meet some great friends, or just keep fit. Fencing is a group of three related combat sports. The three disciplines in modern fencing are the foil, the épée, and the sabre; winning points are made through the contact with an opponent. Fencing was one of the first sports to be played in the Olympics so come and give it a try and have the experience for life!

Must wear sports trousers and trainers (no jeans or shorts) to make sure they are safe whilst fencing.