Natural Horsemanship

Wednesday 20 February 2019
12:15pm - 2:30pm,
Glossop Road entrance to Bar One

Event Details

Give it a Go Please wear sportswear and suitable shoes. Bring water


Come and try something different with the equestrian club at our natural horsemanship taster sessions. No experience necessary! You will be paired with an equine partner (either a little Shetland pony or one of the retired older ponies) and will spend the hour working and communicating with your horse in a way that is based on the horse’s natural instincts. Together you will work together through several games and activities while learning natural horsemanship basics. This is a really rewarding and relaxing activity and the participating horses are very calm so are perfect to work with beginners!

Bring money for Taxi Fare and wear suitable footwear and clothes you do not mind getting dirty.