Learn How to Give Self Hand and Face Massage

Tuesday 15 October 2019
5pm - 7pm,
Gallery Room 2, SU

Event Details

Give it a Go

Come along to our self hand and face massage sessions. The routine will involve head neck and shoulder routine, also arms and hands, including acupressure. There will be a short introduction on the benefits of massage, as well as a relaxation and meditation portion of the workshop . 

Spaces are limited to 20, so make sure you buy your ticket in advance. 

Please bring a large towel or blanket, some water and a small snack to eat for after the meditation.

In order to participate in this session, is important that you don't have any conditions which would mean you would not be able to participate in this session. If you are unsure, please email giveitago@sheffield.ac.uk where we can provide a list.