Charleston Dance

Thursday 17 October 2019
6pm - 8pm,
High Tor 5, The Edge

Event Details

Wear sportswear and bring water for our Dance based sessions

Charleston is a partnered dance that comes under the umbrella genre of swing dance, a genre that derived from the black dancers of 1920s Harlem. Danced to swung jazz music the Charleston is a fun, fast, and energetic dance, one of the most popular of all the forms of swing dance that have persisted to form a flourishing international community.

This Give It A Go session will introduce you to the Charleston , as well as the genre of swing dance in general, and get you dancing! We will talk about the two different roles in partner dancing, ‘lead’ and ‘follow’, before teaching you the basic steps and some moves.

This session is open to absolutely anyone, no previous dance experience required whatsoever. Just bring yourself, comfortable footwear, and some water. Although the Charleston is a partnered dance you don’t need to bring a partner, during the sessions leads and follows will be rotated so everyone has a chance to dance with each other. As with all swing dances, the two roles, lead and follow, are not gendered and anyone can dance any role, or indeed both!