Border (15)

Friday 18 October 2019
7:30pm - 9:20pm
Film Unit Cinema in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium

Director: Ali Abbasi
Cast: Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish

Tina has a special ability - she can smell human emotions. This is particularly useful in her job as a customs officer at a ferry port, where she detects people who are scared, angry or are hiding something. However this gift comes with a price - Tina has a face deformity which gives her an animal-like look and makes her very self-concious about her appearance, despite being surrounded by loving friends and family. When she meets a suspicious looking stranger she is surprised to find out that she smells something she cannot identify. Over time they develop a friendship leading Tina to discover that all she knew about herself was a lie. Critically-acclaimed Border is a wonderful mixture of romance, thriller and a fairy tale.