Pond Life (15) - evening

Sunday 03 November 2019
7:30pm - 9:10pm
Film Unit Cinema in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium

Director: Bill Buckhurst
Cast: Tom Varey, Esme Creed-Miles, Angus Imrie
Country: UK
Language: English

It’s summer in South Yorkshire; 1994 the summer of Moby Dick. There’s a rumour stirring around the quiet village of a colossal carp lurking in the depths of the nearby decoy ponds. Trever glimpsed it in the dead of night and he is determined to catch it. So he decides to lead a brave brigade of young friends and neighbours down to the ponds on an intrepid hunt for the monster fish. Amidst lives full of fractured families, turmoil and doubts these friends, each with their own struggles to bare, share a moment of surprising harmony as they encounter the mammoth carp that will go down in Yorkshire history. Nostalgic and warm-hearted, Pond Life bursts with good-humour and charm.