FREE - Jiu Jitsu

Thursday 20 February 2020
8pm - 10pm,
The Studio, Goodwin Sports Centre

Event Details

Give it a Go - For Uni of Shef students only Wear sportswear and suitable shoes. Bring water

Jiu Jitsu is a Japanese martial that uses throws, locks and grappling to defend against attackers, using minimum effort. We're a traditional martial art, but also practise modern-day things like bottle or knife defences -- all in a safe training environment.

You'll learn to throw people bigger than yourself on the floor, you'll get fit, you'll increase your confidence, you'll improve your body coordination, and you'll make a bunch of new friends!

Why not come along? Your first session is free. Yes, you read that right, FREE.

You don't have to be strong.
You don't have to have done any martial arts previously.
You don't have to know any Japanese.
You don't have to speak with a Yorkshire accent (but you soon will).

You don't have to bring anything other than clothes you can move about in, and possibly water.

FREE - Collect your free ticket in person from the SU Box Office