Heathers (15) - matinee SUBTITLED

Saturday 16 May 2020
3:30pm - 5:10pm
Nelson Mandela Auditorium, Sheffield SU

“Are we going to prom or to hell?” Part teen drama, part satirical comedy, part psychological thriller, Heathers is a must-watch. Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) is the smartest girl in school but her talents are wasted in cruel schoolgirl pranks at the behest of the Heathers - a clique comprised of the three most popular girls in school, all named Heather. Thoroughly fed up with her “friends”, the mysterious new boy, J.D. (Christian Slater)is a breath of fresh air for Veronica. He’s dark, brooding and cares not one jot for the fickle social hierarchies of high school. Together, Veronica and J.D. hatch a plan to kill Heather Chandler, the leader of the vicious pack of mean girls, but are they serious or is it just tomfoolery? Veronica and J.D. don’t seem sure themselves as their machinations spin dangerously out of control.