Honey Boy (15) - matinee SUBTITLED

Sunday 08 March 2020
1:30pm - 5pm
Nelson Mandela Auditorium, Sheffield SU

Described as miraculous, cathartic, spectacular; Honey Boy is unlike anything you’ve seen before. A strange and twisting story of a young child actor’s turbulent early career and subsequent crash in adulthood is told in a multi-layered narrative of fictionalised memories and dreams of the past. Otis Lort struggles to reconcile his relationship with his problematic father with his addiction and mental health, using art and imagination as a therapeutic route through his memories to try and untangle his life. Noah Jupe gives one of the most moving performances from a child actor and Lebeouf and Hedges are raw and furious. Honey Boy is a revelation of a debut film from Alma Har’el.