Saturday 23 May 2020
noon - 2pm
Nelson Mandela Auditorium, Sheffield SU


£5.50 (Family )
£3.30 (Adult )
£1.65 (Under 12s)

In times long ago, the world was filled with wonder and magic, adventure and sorcery. But times have changed. Now the world is a place where elves live in suburbs, manticors run fast-food restaurants and feral unicorns scavenge from dustbins. Ian Lightfoot is so excited for his 16th birthday but he wishes his dad was still alive to see the young man he's grown up to be. When his mom brings out a present left by his dad, a magic staff that will bring him back to life for 24hrs, Ian can hardly believe it. But when the spell goes wrong, Ian and his brother Barley embark on an epic adventure to find the magic that will bring their dad back before the 24hrs are up.