KIDS CLUB: Ratatouille (PG)

Saturday 09 May 2020
noon - 2pm
Nelson Mandela Auditorium, Sheffield SU


£1.65 (Under 12s)
£3.30 (Adult )
£5.50 (Family )

Remy, a rat with a refined palate who dreams of becoming a great French chef, finds himself washed away from his family and eventually fate lands him in a famous restaurant in Paris. He strikes up an unusual friendship and alliance with a clumsy “garbage boy” there, named Linguini who lacks any sort of cooking skills. Upon discovering Remy’s gift and flair for cooking, the two partner up with Remy pulling on Linguini’s hair to control his movements and thus Linguini’s career as a chef is born! Despite the dangers of an unwanted rat visitor in the kitchen, Remy constantly risks his life for his love of food but how long can he keep himself out of trouble and realize his dream of becoming a great chef?