Monday 19 September 2022 | 11:30pm - 3:30am

Bumble x Freshers House Party

Bumble x Freshers House Party

Monday 19 September 2022
11:30pm - 3:30am
Nothing says Uni than a House Party. We'll have 3 rooms of music - Bedroom, Kitchen & Living Room.


Bumble x Freshers House Party


Nothing says Uni than a House Party. We'll have 3 rooms of music - Bedroom, Kitchen & Living Room. You'll even get a change to be your own Bedroom DJ and play the songs you wanna hear! Cocktails in red cups & some MEGA giveaways. Gather your new pals for a night not to be missed. We are excited to be partnering with Bumble! 

Bumble Hive Sounds presents a lineup of DJs, giveaways, and more straight to your SU!  Pre-download Bumble to access perks at the event




**New Students: You will be unable to purchase tickets using your new uni email until you have registered in September. In the meantime, login as a guest on our site to buy your tickets and we can merge your accounts after registration**


***Safety Information***

Drink responsibly and look out for your friends.

ID scanning is a condition of entry at the Foundry. You will need this to gain entry, regardless of your age

The safety bus can take you home for just £1.50. The security team at the smoking area can direct you to the bus.

The Time Out Zone is a chill space for anyone who needs some time out from their night out and will be available at all club nights. We also have a quiet room for people who are feeling overwhelmed.

Our Students’ Union has zero-tolerance of any harassment, discrimination, or violence. Our specially trained team will take your disclosure seriously - you will be listened to, believed and supported throughout the whole process and the reported person will be removed from the venue. For more info, go to https://su.sheffield.ac.uk/.../our-su-zero-tolerance-policy

If you need anything while you’re out, please speak to a member of the team.


The Students’ Union has a zero-tolerance policy toward drug use at its licensed venues. Searches will be in operation, as well as sniffer dogs for some events.

Students found in possession of illegal substances will be banned for a minimum of 6 weeks and can face a lifetime ban. Students will also be required to attend a session with a Drugs Worker at START, Sidney Street before being allowed back into the licensed venues, even if their 6-week ban has expired. Students will also be excluded from holding office in committee and Officer roles for that year. In extreme cases, students can be arrested and expelled from University.

Non-Students found in posession of illegal substances will receive a lifetime ban from all licensed premises at Sheffield Students' Union.

If you decline a search upon arrival, you will not be allowed in the venue that night.

Taking drugs bought from unknown sources can lead to life-threatening illnesses. Be aware of the current risks: www.talktofrank.com