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Give it a Go is an events programme full of one off activities for you to try while you are a student here at The University of Sheffield.

Many of our events are run by Clubs and Societies, so it gives you the opportunity to try something new without having to commit your time. Our programme is broken down into: Sports; Creative; Music and Dance; Mind, Body and Soul; Skills and Training; Languages (where you can join one of our many 5 week language courses); and Day Trips where you can visit a new destination in the UK each Saturday and Sunday.

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Autumn Programme 2021

The Give it a Go programme is packed full of activities, events and experiences just for students, so why not join in the fun?! All activities are run at a beginners’ level so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried the activity before. Give it a Go is going to be a huge part of student engagement in the new semester as we transition into this new digital world, and we see the programme being the one-stop-shop for students to sign up to societies, engage digitally with the SU and get involved with us.

In the Residences - Discounts

Live in the Residences? Then you can get exclusive discounts with Give it a Go as part of your Residence Life membership. On all our events and activities which are priced £2.50 and over you can get £2 off that activity! This discount is increased even more on our day trips where you get £5 off them all.

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Give it a Go

Give it a Go is an activities programme run at Sheffield Students' Union for University of Sheffield students! Jam packed full of events, activities, courses (and Day Trips!) all run at beginners level, it really has something for everyone! This year Give it a Go turned 15! We have been running events and activities for 15 years in Sheffield, which is a huge achievement.